SEXPAYS Gears Up For 5th Release With Epic House-Heater Titled “ Charli XCX – Crash (SEXPAYS Basement At Webster Hall Mix)”

NYC-based SEXPAYS is 5 tracks deep and has only started the project since the start of 2022, SEXPAYS is proving his commitment to this project month after month and refuses to look back. Now nearing 100,000 streams across all platforms, he now releases a remix of “Crash” by Charlie XCX.

True to the signature style we’ve seen from him thus far, an infectious blend of tech house and nu-disco collides to generate a single that radiates with originality. Punctual basslines drive a hypnotic platform that eases the listener and allows the track to do its work.

The melodic layers provide a tasty groove, the entirety of the single designed as club-ammo to help moments peak in a fire set. The remix has multi-generational appeal intrinsically built into it, its blend of house influences from the ‘golden era of house’ mixed with samples and effects from our digital era renders an aura all it’s own – an intentional action from the quasi-anonymous solo DJ.

SEXPAYS doesn’t play it safe, many pieces of content pushes the limits of what’s allowed on DSPs, takedowns not being new to the artist who is fiercely dedicated to his vision of this alias at all costs. The solo DJ/producer received a perma-ban twice from leading streaming platform Twitch due to ‘mature content.’

The experience is just getting warmed up, “BLANK” being the next chapter in a saga that brings one man’s ideas for house music to life.

Listen to the track below.