Chris Costello Showcases Dynamism Through First-Ever Debut EP Titled’ We Could Be Together’

Chris Costello is bestowing what is currently his biggest release to date. After unveiling a series of singles in 2022, We Could Be Together EP delivers a total of 5 tracks – all of which give a deeper impression of the sonic wavelength that Chris Costello is currently focusing on.

The common thread across all the songs is a well-blended mix of pop and progressive house. Each and every track contains a vocal, driving unique personality upon each single and injecting memorability and dynamism into the experience.

Pop laced house and progressive helped push electronic music into the massively successful space it is at today. Costello is paying tribute to this time period by putting his own spin on this theme. Each track delivers a passionate, euphoric energy easy to enjoy time and time again.

Costello has more of where this came from, We Could Be Together, being his most daunting undertaking of his career.

Listen to the tracks below.