The infinitely talented Citizen Kain unveils his brand new EP ‘Forget Yesterday’

World-renowned Techno DJ and Producer, Citizen Kain has just dropped a powerful new EP titled ‘Forget Yesterday’ on UNSEEN Records, just for your listening pleasure!

This EP comes in two parts, Forget Yesterday and Seheaih, and takes you on an otherworldly trip of sonorities and tempos. Forget Yesterday comes first, delivering a vibrating, revolutionary track that captures the listener in a time – less trance. Intricately woven melodies find room for a resounding, radical beat to hook you in.

Unheralded, Seheaih is a beautiful storm of textures, rhythms and sounds. There is a deep resonance that permeates the track and engages the ear, bringing in something close to ecstasy…

Citizen Kain Forget Yesterday

Singled out or back to back, both of these tracks make up one deeply entrancing EP that feels like both an evidence and an inevitability.

Listen and Pre-Order HERE!