Bubba Brothers present a fresh new video of a live performance at Rooftop Eva in Portugal

Bubba Brothers strike again with a powerful new release. This time, the exceptional Electronic dance music duo consisting of Justino Santos and Eliseu Correia, present a fresh new video of a live performance at Rooftop Eva, at AP Eva Senses Hotel in Faro, Portugal.

The duo is releasing this new production following their busy touring schedule around Ibiza that saw them perform once more at the iconic Es Paradis, as well as a broadcast live mix on Ibiza Sonica Radio, among gigs in other venues.

Lately, the duo has kept their name high on the charts, with the release of their EP ‘Basstribe’ that conjugates the best of their style and signature sound with 2 hard-hitting tracks that fall into the Tribal House genre and showcase their exquisite style and talent.

The live session at Rooftop Eva, features a 3 gig sessions merge into one remarkable video, displaying Bubba Brothers‘ infectious sound and vibes that get everyone dancing.

The party gets going from the beginning till the end, with the video showing the transition between a spectacular golden hour overseeing the beautiful coastline, and the exciting night-time with guests dancing and enjoying the hard-hitting sound of the duo.

This video definitely gives a taste of what a Bubba Brothers live performance is, and it’s surely something not to be missed.

While Bubba Brothers continue to release monumental productions that keep conquering influential venues all over the world, as well as hitting the top spots at renowned charts, their music keeps proving why it is worth the praise and hype, and this new video is no exception.

Make sure to follow Bubba Brothers as they continue their quest to conquer dance floors and dancers worldwide.

Watch the video below.

Metodi Gogovski
Electronic Dance Music is an integral part of Meto's life. Though he enjoys a variety of EDM sub-genres he mainly listens to Progressive House and Trance. Other than being publisher for Rave Jungle, he also has a passion for Football and video games.