Charley Young teams up with People of the Parallel to deliver a unique, genre-bending track “Werk”

Today marks the release of “Werk” (audio and music video), the latest collaboration between synth-pop recording artist Charley Young and producer/artist People of the Parallel.

The duo team up to deliver a unique, genre-bending, electronic track that experiments with different sounds, effects, and overall structure. The lead synthesizer of the track is derived straight from Charley’s vocals.

People of the Parallel modulates, reverses, and isolates parts of Charley’s vocals to help create an interesting vocal line while using the breaths in her recordings to punctuate certain sections of the song. Accompanying the song is a music video with captivating visuals to compliment and highlight the dynamic energy of “Werk.”

“‘Werk’ was born (or came to fruition) from the creative genius of People of the Parallel,” Charley explains. “Justin (People of the Parallel) was experimenting with some of my recorded vocals from a previous project and presented the rough draft of ‘Werk’ to me. I was instantly drawn to the track and encouraged him to keep developing and expanding upon what he had already done. Justin always takes my vocals and creates something above and beyond what I could ever imagine.”

Charley Young has performed at notable events and venues such as the TCS NYC Marathon, Webster Hall, and The Bitter End. She has recently been interviewed by Shoutout LA and BSquared Magazine. Her cover of New Order’s “Bizarre Love Triangle” has just been released by Aztec Records as part of their Pure Synth Covers, Vol. 1 release. As a survivor of anorexia nervosa and as a mental health advocate, Charley strives to make a difference in her listeners’ lives.

Charley states, “My purpose in music is to be a lighthouse in the storm of life.”

Multiple of Charley’s previous music videos have been selected for film festivals around the world including Prague Music Video Awards and The Film Series at Cine Gear Expo. Charley’s music video “Run Away” won Best Music Video at the 2022 ARFF Paris // International Awards as well as Best Producer and Best Music Video at Movie Play International Film Festival and Multi Dimension Independent Film Festival.

Listen to the track below.