Interview with DJ Spacey Gray

2023 is approaching and what better way to welcome it than to remember the main highlights of the past year. Music, unique milestones and new projects are some of the things DJ and producer Spacey Gray experienced in 2022.

We invited him to talk more about what this past year meant, what he learned and what are his plans for the holidays.

Check out the full interview:

Hi, thanks for taking the time to talk to us today. 2022 is almost over, we want to know what is your most important highlight of the year, both musically and personally?

My most important highlight of the year was to finally overcome a chronic Achilles tendinopathy and be able to walk and travel to Portugal. I have been dealing with this issue since 2020 subsequently had foot surgery in July 2021. Rehabilitation has been a long and slow process and I can now walk freely again although still rehabilitating.

Musically, starting up the Spacey Gray project really. I finally acquired the tools I need to develop my true sound.

What was your favorite release of 2022 (of your own)?

My favourite release would probably be ‘Herb is Healing’ – an ethereal DnB-esque track.

And what was your favorite track of the year from someone else?

Marcus Henriksson – ‘ElectromagiO’

Did you have any special standout shows this year either that you played or attended?

Waking Life Festival, Portugal — Absolutely amazing festival, although the heat was brutal this year.

What was the biggest lesson you learned in life 2022?

Take care of your body. Exercise. Don’t take your mobility for granted.

And following on, what was the biggest lesson you learned in music?

Don’t be so critical of yourself, no track is perfect. Do not over analyze everything but take a step back and try and view your music from the perspective of the listener and not the creator.

If you could send yourself a message to you 5 years ago, what would it be and why?

Act upon your intuition and stay in shape.

How has your sound developed in 2022?

Enormously. I have acquired all the tools I need to create the sounds I have longed to create for years now. For me this is the beginning of my production journey.

Who would you say was the most innovative artist in 2022?

Markus Henriksson is the man.

Which label or labels do you think where at the top of their game in 2022?

Honestly, I couldn’t say. I have been too absorbed in my own productions to ponder the thought.

If any, do you have any regrets for the year behind us?

Not really. None that I would want the public to know…ha!

What are your plans for the holidays?

Produce, relax, be with good company and play some gigs!

Just for fun, if you had to take a classic Christmas song and remix it, what style would it be and what could we expect?

Call me the grinch… but, I would never. Sorry!

Where will you be spending New Year’s Eve?

Not a clue at this point. Hopefully somewhere in nature with loud music!

If you had to put 2022 into one sentence, what would it be?

Life is like a roller coaster, just gotta ride it.