Gelida is ready to introduce his latest EP ‘Long Story Short’

Talented DJ and music producer Gelida is ready to introduce his latest EP ‘Long Story Short’ via his own label Rever Records.

The Danish artist is set to conquer new heights with the release of his new production; a 4-track EP featuring singer-songwriter Otto Palmborg and a track in collaboration with DJ and music producer RYBERG.

The gifted young DJ and music producer Gelida, has been perfecting his craft and is set to share his impressive sound and unique style with the world. Having received the praise of industry heavy-weights like Nicky Romero, Pink Panda, and the support of top-tier labels like Spinnin’ Records and Protocol Recordings, Gelida shows no signs of slowing down, kickstarting the new year with a powerful release.

Gelida ‘Long Story Short’

This EP showcases Gelida’s sound and style, blending elements from Deep House, Dance and Trap, this production is filled with storytelling, powerful sounds and uplifting vibes.

The first track on the list is ‘Nobody Knows’. The song features infectious and shimmering guitar lines, catchy vocal performance by Otto Palmborg, and a groovy Trap beat; playful vocal chops elevate the vibes, as an uplifting breakdown filled with stimulating pads and bright sonic elements comes forth. A nostalgic yet uplifting vibe surrounds this track, making it certainly, a perfect way to open the EP, getting the listener ready to go through a listening journey of its own.

Next up is ‘Try Again’. A track that showcases a House energetic beat, growling underlying basslines and powerful synth progression that keeps the party going. Pads accentuate the mighty energy of the track. A darker yet mysterious vibe guides the storyline of this song.

On my own’ presents clean guitars that open up the soundscape, Otto Palmborg’s mellow yet remarkable vocal performance guides the track as the heartbeat-like kick stays underneath, giving a steady layer to the rhythm, until the Trap beat unleashes, creating a Trap track with a Ballad feel building a unique song.

Take This Love’ features chopped vocals and a clear synth progression that kickstart this track, a steady bassline creates a perfect underlayer, as the pounding beat releases to a playful drop where pads and sonic elements create colorful layers for the track to unleash its full power.

This EP is surely measures up to Gelida’s talent and aim, as he promises more hard-hitting bangers and exquisite productions in the near future.

Make sure to follow Gelida, as he continues to prove why his name deserves to be on the list of DJs to follow.