Benny Benassi links with Chris Nasty & Constantin for succulent club track, ‘Make Some Noise’

Benny Benassi

Building on the momentum from a standout 2022, Italian dance icon Benny Benassi is fusing his impeccable production and renowned sonic approach with Chris Nasty and Constantin for the new single “Make Some Noise”.

A nod to Benny‘s clubbing sound that set the world ablaze in the early 2000s while also serving an electrifying dose of modern dancefloor heat, the new single is a testament to the timeless nature of Benassi’s electro-infusing club sound. Grab your earplugs on February 3, when Benny Benassi, Chris Nasty, and Constantin‘s new single drops through the exalted Ultra Records.

From mainstage-ready festival hits to infectious dance spins on commercial beats, Benny Benassi has long proven his ability to adapt his style, but it’s hard to deny that raucous-inducing electro has long been the Italian producer’s bread and butter. Equal parts tumultuous and downright dirty, his new single with Chris Nasty and Constantin is unapologetically rave-inducing, a stark contrast to Benassi‘s radio-friendly releases to close out 2022.

Discussing the upcoming release, Benny Benassi comments:

“Old school techno has always amazed me, and has become an increasingly bigger source of inspiration in my productions. During a recent studio session with Christ Nasty and Constantin we tried to use an emulator of the dominator and immediately a few classic techno tracks came to mind, which formed the ideas behind “Make Some Noise”.

Chris came up with this amazing riff and we built the rest of the track with only one goal in mind: make ravers dance! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do and I can’t wait to see you on the dance floor”

Chris Nasty says: “I’ve always loved the old school rave sound because of the energy it unleashed on the dancefloor. So I thought about recreating that same mood but in a new and fresh track! That’s exactly what we tried to achieve with ‘Make Some Noise’ by mixing old synths and analog outboard gears with modern production techniques. The result’s a track that does not compromise, the perfect tool for a dj with the unique purpose of making people dance!”

As fresh as the new collaboration may be, neither Chris Nasty nor Constantin are strangers to joint musical efforts with Benny Benassi. Chris Nasty’s history with Benny goes all the way back to his seductive 2014 debut on Ultra Records, “Aphrodisiak,” but has remained steady with follow up hits like “2 My House” and 2019’s “Inside.”

An equally proven creative cohort, fans may recognize Constantin from his work among the BB Team, or his standout single from last year, “No More” (feat. Domino). Stemming from a trifecta of lauded musical talents, “Make Some Noise” is the much needed rave hit to set the tone for 2023. Don’t miss the stomping new single out now via Ultra Records.

Listen to the track below.