Bedouin unveil new track “Aliens”

On the heels of “Voices In My Head,” Bedouin returns with the next taste of their debut album, Temple of Dreams. Looking toward the proverbial stars, the just-released “Aliens” is a celestial club cut that blends surreal lyrical imagery into a hypnotic mixture of pulsating percussive kicks and spacey synths.

As intricate and intentional as it is catchy, the single is a prime teaser of what to expect from Temple of Dreams via Bedouin‘s own label Human By Default. “Aliens” comes alongside a surreal music video directed by Christian Lamb (John Mayer, OneRepublic) that tracks the movements of a masked figure from childhood to adulthood.

As the protagonist blankly spectates on a world with arguing parents and packed clubs, the visuals — at times tragic and other times blissful — are as mystifying as the music. In collaboration with Lamb, the duo of Bedouin add another fascinating dimension to their work.

Bedouin Aliens

Between Bedouin‘s Tamer Malki and Rami Abousabe, the gestation of their new track began when Rami wrote a personal poem and Tamer built lead elements around those words, effortlessly evolving into traditional lyrics and electronic catharsis. While “Aliens” might have extraterrestrial connotations via its title, Rami explains, “The song is about living in the moment.

It’s quite often that can lead into being quite misunderstood. It’s something that’s very important for my life. Waiting for happiness to come in the future…for me seemed really sad.” It’s the kind of deep, emotional insight that’s coming to define Bedouin‘s road toward Temple of Dreams.

The musicians, singer-songwriters, and producers in Bedouin have spent the better part of a decade fine-tuning their sound, which draws as much from their Middle Eastern heritage as it does their world travels as DJs playing iconic venues across the globe. Malki explains the forthcoming Temple of Dreams looks to “experiment and push the boundaries.” It differs from their previous work, as the album is intended to be a deep listening experience for the fans, rather than a slew of club cuts.

The multi-talented artists sought to create a timeless sound in Temple of Dreams. Malki outlines that the album lies between “what we play on stages around the world and what we’re capable of writing and producing as musicians and producers. We wanted to exceed expectations and present something that you might think or feel you’ve heard before, yet it’s something completely new—not what might be expected from us.”

As they prepare to embark on their long-awaited debut album release and their beloved Saga residency at top Ibiza club Pacha, Bedouin offers up an elevated take on electronic music with “Aliens.” Expect more to come from a duo at the height of their creative capabilities as they work toward Temple of Dreams.

Listen to the track below.