Reinier Zonneveld and Kiki Solvej join forces on new EP “Keine Liebe, Kein Rave”

Reinier Zonneveld & Kiki Solvej join forces for a brand new EP “Keine Liebe, Kein Rave” out now on Filth on Acid, just for your listening pleasure!

Kiki Solvej is a German DJ, producer and vocalist with a lifelong connection to music. She has performed on mega stages like Tomorrowland and debuted on this label late last year. Reinier Zonneveld is on a fine run of form having revitalised hard techno and acid over the last couple of years with his faithless label, DJ sets and unique live shows.

Here’s what Kiki had to say about it:

“Keine Liebe, Kein Rave’ is about the love you feel, when you are – let’s say it like this (laughs) a ‘real raver’. Without true emotions there is no real rave. And this is always something that Reinier and I have in common so much. Our love for each other, our love for the music, the scene, the rave. This is why we’re here.”

Reinier Zonneveld adds:

“What we tried to pack into this so special track is what being at a rave is giving us: feeling the extreme, the lightness, the powerful, the hedonism (in a good way), the realness and most of all the connection to other people. Having the connection to each other while touring the world, making music together and sharing our passion and then also being connected to so many other people is what feeds us every day new energy.”

Keine Liebe, Kein Rave‘ kicks off with rock solid drums and a machine beat that will lock in the crowd then blow its mind with mind alterings synths that fizz with real energy. Dark vocal loops add more intensity to this funky banger. Royal then brings the laser lit rave sounds with flashes of acid and bright synths over quick techno beats.

This is another triumph from this label. Listen to the tracks below.