Dstm prepare their new LP “Fight The System”

Dstm’s “Fight The System” on their self-titled label is a high-energy release that expertly combines elements of a few of the harder styles. It is set for a release on Friday, May 19, 2023.

The album features ten tracks, each with their own unique idea. “Im Not Interested In Yesterday” kicks off the album with a bang, setting the tone and the message for what’s to come.

A Better Tomorrow” and “Troubled Seasons” are equally energetic, showcasing Dstm‘s skillful blend of heavy beats and industrial sounds.

Dstm – Fight The System

Fight The System” leaves an impression you won’t quickly forget with it’s high-energy, full tilt journey. A superlative and unique blend of techno metal, EBM, hard techno, and rave, this album is a must-listen for anyone looking for a wild ride.


1. Dstm – Im Not Interested In Yesterday (Original Mix)
2. Dstm – A Better Tomorrow (Original Mix)
3. Dstm – Troubled Seasons (Original Mix)
4. Dstm – Horrifying Reality (Original Mix)
5. Dstm – Fight For My Soul (Original Mix)
6. Dstm – Dangerously Wrong Job (Original Mix)
7. Dstm – Dirty Money (Original Mix)
8. Dstm – Get Out Of My Way (Original Mix)
9. Dstm – BLM (Original Mix)
10. Dstm – Night Unbeat (Original Mix)

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