MEO Kalorama unveils new artists for its 2023 edition

Today, MEO Kalorama confirm that Blur will perform on the first day of the festival, August 31, in what will be the last date of their European tour.

The full line-up consists of 40% female artists, solo or in bands that are part of or led by women. The LGBTQI community will be represented as well as 16 national artists, including 4 local artists, from the Chelas é o Sítio collective.

Now when purchasing a ticket for MEO Kalorama, attendees are invited to contribute €1 to Associação BaticAmigo and Grupo Comunitário da Flamenga, who will invest the donations into improving the quality of life of the community located in Chelas. Welcoming attendees to be a part of the social development of the neighbourhood where the festival takes place – adding to one of the many initiatives developed by Last Tour. In 2022, the festival hired 200 local residents, as well as inviting 100 artists from the neighbourhood onto the festival stages whilst also donating food and materials at the end of the event.

Meo Kalorama Blur

Other names to highlight include Aphex Twin, Arca, Shygirl, Belle and Sebastian, and the phenomenal FKJ, Ethel Cain and Tamino. Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Blaze and M83 will present new records and shows, while José González will celebrate the 20th anniversary of his classic debut album by playing it in its entirety. The decades-awaited return of Siouxie and The Hives, as well as the much-anticipated Pabllo Vittar‘s show.

For the locals and curious international crowds, the Portuguese music contingent will feature Dino D’Santiago, Pongo, Selma Uamusse and Scúru Fitchádu, among many others. 2023 will see the opening of a new onsite space celebrating electronic music, Panorama, which will be the first stage to open and the last to close every day.

In this second edition, Last Tour, the promoter of MEO Kalorama, consolidates the 3 pillars of the festival, Music, Art and Sustainability, after obtaining the prestigious B CORP certification which reinforces the promoter’s commitment to the community and the planet in line with the UN Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals.

As part of the second pillar of Meo Kalorama, the Art Project will be more ambitious this year. The curatorship of the project and artists involved will be announced soon along with further details about the art installations that will cover not only the stages but will also be distributed around the site.

Sustainability is the third and last pillar, which integrates the festival’s social, environmental and economic impact. This year MEO Kalorama reinforces its sustainability strategy by investing in more artists from the local area to perform at the festival, designating space for deaf people so they can feel and enjoy the music and installing genderless toilets.

Other relevant actions include the donation of food and tickets to disadvantaged people, the contribution of materials at the end of the festival and the commitment of 0% of waste in landfill (in 2022 MEO Kalorama was distinguished as an ECO EVENT by Valorsul, which identifies the festival as a zero waste to landfill event).

The WE ARE MEO KALORAMA community takes shape by celebrating the intersection between cultures, art, sustainability and the people who shape the city of Lisbon. Inspired by the 7 hills of Lisbon, WE ARE MEO KALORAMA shows the perfect blend of what it means to live in Lisbon in 2023: Portuguese and foreigners, visual artists, ceramists, tattooists, booksellers, skaters who find in the Portuguese capital the perfect inspiration and rhythm to create and share their art.

The result is 7 short films that will be available to watch on the festival’s social media channel in the coming weeks. The films tell the story of professional dancer Carlota, Ukrainian tattoo artist Sasha, French ceramist Cécile Mestelan, bookseller and founding partner of the iconic Livraria da Travessa, Rui Campos, the skaters who founded the women’s magazine Betesga Skate Magazine, English painter Helen Butler and the Batukadeiras Orchestra of Portugal, a project part of the Association of Cape Verdean’s Women in the Diaspora in Portugal.

The cast of the second edition of MEO Kalorama, which features national and international names, new and established, reinforces once again the care and meticulous curatorship which marked its debut edition. After its first edition in 2022, MEO Kalorama was awarded THE BEST FESTIVAL OF 2022 by Time Out magazine and Best New Iberian Festival and Best Concert by an International Artist in Portugal (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds) at the Iberian Festival Awards. MEO Kalorama is currently nominated as a finalist for the Marketeer 2023 Awards in the category of Art, Culture and Entertainment.


Daily tickets and the 3-day pass are on sale at the festival’s website.

Camping can be booked by using a promotional code (more information on the website), which includes Camping and Bungalows, with several accommodation options. A Glamping – DOMO Camp option is a new feature on this 2nd edition of MEO Kalorama, providing an even more comfortable stay. All offers include free shuttle service between Lisbon Camping and the festival site.

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