Tony Kay continues to captivate listeners in the EDM scene with his weekly radio show, ‘In The Mix’

DJ and producer Tony Kay continues to captivate listeners in the Electronic Dance music scene with his weekly radio show, “In The Mix.” As June arrived, Tony Kay sets the stage for another exciting month of mind-blowing episodes, solidifying his status as a leading figure in the industry.

June’s episodes of “In The Mix” were a sonic adventure like no other; with his expert curation and impeccable mixing skills, Tony Kay takes listeners on a journey through the vibrant landscape of House music. From groovy basslines to infectious melodies, each episode is carefully crafted to captivate and energize fans around the world.

One notable aspect of Tony Kay‘s radio show is its increasingly wide reach; “In The Mix” is now featured on over 20 esteemed radio stations worldwide, extending its influence and allowing an even broader audience to experience Tony Kay’s electrifying mixes. This expansion speaks volumes about his growing prominence in the global Electronic Dance music community.

Throughout June, Tony Kay‘s dedication to showcasing the best in House music remains unwavering, as a true advocate for emerging talent, he continues to provide a platform for up-and-coming artists to shine. By featuring their tracks alongside established hits, Tony Kay not only exposes his listeners to fresh sounds but also supports the next generation of Dance music pioneers.

Fans eagerly anticipate each episode of “In The Mix” as Tony Kay consistently delivers an unparalleled listening experience. His seamless blending of genres within House music and innovative track selection keeps audiences hooked, eagerly awaiting the next sonic surprise. With a finger on the pulse of the House music landscape, Tony Kay’s unique sound and style have garnered him a dedicated following and solidified his reputation as a leading tastemaker in the genre.

Looking ahead, fans can expect Tony Kay to continue pushing boundaries and delivering dynamic episodes of “In The Mix.” With his growing global presence, he is poised to leave his own mark on the Electronic Dance music scene; whether through his mesmerizing live performances, hard-hitting releases or his radio show, Tony Kay continues to push his own boundaries and display his signature sound and style.

As “In The Mix” expands its reach, and garners new listeners, Tony Kay‘s impact continues to reverberate, further cementing his position as a visionary force in Electronic Dance music, as well as ‘In The Mix’ to be an unmissable weekly listening experience.

Listen to the radio shows here.