Tony Kay is back with his newest Tech House single, ‘Amegdul’

Tony Kay is back with his newest Tech House single, ‘Amegdul’. Set for release via his imprint, Kay Music, this latest track keeps the energy high, shining a light on Tony Kay’s impressive production talents as his hard-hitting signature sound takes centre stage once again.

Coming following the success of his well-received production ‘Dihya’, this new release will no doubt ensure Tony Kay’s reputation continues to grow, gaining him the attention of genre fans around the globe as listeners become captivated by his unique approach to music production and his ever-innovative creativity.

As he keeps establishing his place within Electronic Music, making himself known by consistently showcasing his remarkable talents, both through his electrifying productions, energetic live shows, and unmissable episodes of his radio show ‘In The Mix’, Tony Kay is no doubt a force when it comes to his determination and drive. Unstoppable as he continues building momentum, this talented Producer and DJ remains a talent high on the list of exciting creators on the scene today.

With an impressive ability for crafting intricately layered soundscapes, blending global influences to create a sound unlike any other, Tony Kay’s music comes as a striking credit to his confident creativity. As he continually breaks down barriers to present a sonic identity distinct in character, there is no denying Tony Kay is shining bright within Electronic Music.

Tony Kay – Amegdul

With ‘Amegdul’, Tony Kay invites listeners to join the party, welcoming them into a rhythmic production danceable in energy and high in groovy vibes. Featuring funky shuffled elements, a vibrant melodic hook, glowing risers, and intensifying details, ‘Amegdul’ delivers an electrifying sonic experience. As the track drives forward, surprising listeners with bold and playful musical moments, ‘Amegdul’ makes sure to leave an impression, striking out with powerful beats and energetic sonic layers.

A mighty display of Tony Kay’s lively production style and unique signature sound, this new track from the Producer is surely poised to take him to even higher heights, delivering an unmissable listen that all lovers of Electronic Music will no doubt enjoy.

A Producer and DJ whose musical journey has already seen him achieving numerous milestone successes, Tony Kay is not to be missed. So, make sure to follow him across social media to stay up-to-date with his upcoming releases, projects, and live shows.

Listen to the track below.