Matroda’s Genre-Defining Tech House Style Comes Out To Play In ‘In The Air’

In the world of tech house, where so many tracks come and go like shadows in the dusk, Matroda‘s “In The Air” emerges like a shout in a silent room. From the shores of Croatia, a place with its own deep rhythms and histories, comes an artist who, with each beat, seems to dig into the very soil of his homeland and the echoes of the wider musical landscape.

The track demands to be not merely listened to, but felt — much in the vein of how history, as I’ve often mused, isn’t just read but lived. “In The Air” isn’t a passive experience; it’s a conjuring, a summoning. The unmistakable “Matrodasound” acts as a whirlwind, crafting tales from thrilling crescendos and electric highs. There’s an urgency, an insistence, that speaks of old worlds and new horizons.

Released under Terminal Underground, Matroda‘s very own canvas, “In The Air” speaks volumes. It’s not just about the individual artist, but the continuum of sound, of histories interwoven, of the ebb and flow of tech house culture.

Matroda stands as a cartographer, charting a course through the expansive sea of tech house. With “In The Air“, he’s not just marking a spot on the musical map; he’s expanding its boundaries.

The track feels like another step on an adventure with this solo talent, a living archive. This, then, is tech house as a chronicle; a reflection not just of where the music will take us, but where it has taken us as well.

Listen to the track below.