Matroda and Dances blend old-school charm with modern flair in ‘Britney’

Matroda and Dances have teamed up to deliver a track that’s nothing short of awesome. Matroda, a wizard in the electronic scene, pairs with Dances, the vocal genius behind hits like “Operator” and “Bang.” Together, they create “Britney,” a tech-house banger that’s already shaking things up.

Britney” debuted at the EDC Las Vegas mainstage and it’s been a hit ever since. This track is a perfect blend of old-school charm and modern flair.

Dances’ smooth vocals glide over Matroda’s hypnotic production, creating a vibe that’s both gritty and creative. When you hear “Got me dancing, like I’m Britney,” get ready because the drop is killer, taking the energy to a whole new level.

Matroda and Dances – Britney

This song is not just popular with fans; it’s got the backing of heavyweights like MK, Diplo, Wade, Hugel, Eli Brown, Gordo, Deeper Purpose, Tchami, and Max Styler. “Britney” has playful lyrics, an irresistible bassline, and a groove that’s guaranteed to make it a summer favorite.

Matroda and Dances have crafted a masterpiece that’s leaving everyone wanting more. “Britney” is set to dominate dance floors all season long.

Listen to the track below.