Matroda releases the next iteration of famous series in ‘Jack The House 4’

Croatian-bred Matroda is a fascinating study in the confluence of the old and the new. Rooted in the profound influences of stalwarts like Led Zeppelin, Frank Sinatra, and The Beatles, while juxtaposing classical violin, drums, and keyboard training, Matroda embodies a musical continuum.

The tech house dimension owes much to this artist, whose soundscape – often referred to as ‘matrodasound’ by dedicated aficionados – resonates with historical depth and cutting-edge innovation.

His EP, Jack The House 4, is a crystallization of this very essence. Kicking off with “My Mind“, the piece is a daring nod to the house tradition, stitched together with contemporary basslines.

Can’t Fight The Feeling“, with its pulsating piano backbone, segues into the unexpected rhythmical terrain of “I Want It“. There’s an evident transition to the nocturnal hues of “In The Air” before surging with the raw energy of “Pump Up The Volume“. “Talk To Me“, a synergy with TOBEHONEST, culminates the EP, amplifying Matroda‘s versatility.

This expert musician has many achievements, including hits like “Disco Tool” and collaborations praised by big names like Diplo, Calvin Harris, and so many others. Matroda‘s sound honors the past while hinting at the future. His journey is still ongoing.

Listen to the tracks below.