Jakk’d & $on-$hine Release Fresh, Funky House Single In ‘Luven Me’

When tracing electronic music’s cyclical trajectory, one often finds a confluence of nostalgia and futurism. “Luven Me” — the fresh offering from the prolific Jakk’d and the rhythmically astute $on-$hine — exemplifies this potent melding.

For nearly ten transformative years, Jakk’d, consisting of Vjay Seminiano and Max Dean, have navigated the tumultuous tides of electronic music. Their alchemy of house, trap, hip hop, and RnB has earned them not mere listeners, but vocal advocates. Martin Garrix on Sirius Radio, the pulsating stages of Ultra Music Festival with Vindata, and the echo chambers of the Two Friends Radio show have all resonated with their tunes.

Meanwhile, $on-$hine, the stage name of Sonny Vilardo, brings an organic sensibility to his beats. His nine years of drumming are palpable, introducing a raw, rhythmic texture that’s both grounding and invigorating.

With “Luven Me“, the past’s evocative charm meets the present’s precision. Enriched by soulful R&B vocals, the track oscillates between yesteryear’s warmth and contemporary crispness. It’s not just a track; it’s an invitation — urging listeners to appreciate house music’s enduring legacy while embracing its boundless possibilities.

Listen to the track below.