Experience The Pixelated-Infused World Of The Golden Age of Wrestling Via ‘Ferrari Rocher’

In the groovy world of ambient music, most artists kinda just… blend. Not our guy Jeff Cancade from Vancouver, though! With his rad project, The Golden Age of Wrestling (TGAOW), he’s serving up some zesty “glambient” vibes. Think ’90s Hollywood jams, catchy chip-tune beats, and some seriously smooth vocals.

Got to mention his banger track, “Ferrari Rocher“. It kicks off with that old-school NES game feel. Just when you think you’ve got the tune figured out, Cancade flips the script, and bam, you’re on a whole new musical rollercoaster.

When he’s not dropping beats, Cancade‘s channeling his inner wrestling superstar, inspired by his teen crush on World Championship Wrestling. You can hear those vibes in TGAOW‘s funky synths – like jamming out on a kid’s toy keyboard.

And if you catch him live? Imagine neon lights, a mysterious veil, and retro film clips dancing around. It’s not just a concert; it’s an all-out party where everyone’s invited to dive into Cancade‘s wild world.

Listen to the track below.