Watergate Club in Berlin is celebrating 21 years with W21 event series

The Berlin based club Watergate is celebrating its 21st birthday this year from 29.09 until late December with a dedicated series of carefully curated W21 parties.

In good tradition the birthday events bring back club regulars and audience favorites like Dubfire and Joey Beltram (29.09.), Sama Abdulhadi (06.10), Recondite and 8KAYS (07.10.), Louie Vega (20.10), Carl Craig (10.11), Sven Väth (1.12.) and many more to be announced.

Here’s what the hard-working team behind Watergate had to say:

“Here is to 21 Years of Watergate !

We are experiencing quite a rollercoaster ride here in ‘Club Country.’

After the tumultuous intermission brought on by the pandemic and the subsequent healing of our deepest wounds, the cards in the city’s music scene are being reshuffled. Our Club stands strong while facing increasingly challenging circumstances.

Once the go-to place for ravers from around the globe, Berlin has seen its international prominence dwindle while clubbing is no longer a hallmark of good manners.

In many places, festivals are replacing the early musical education that clubs used to impart in weekly Sisyphean work on regular club nights. Where once DJs trained their senses for the international crowd, dropping the right record at the right moment on a weekly basis, today it is often the marketing skill set that has moved to the foreground for performing on international stages.

Clubs became stepping stones for careers that now offer the prospect of stadiums, mega-stages and fees well into 5 figures. That being said, it is a miracle that Watergate still exists and continues to secure the ‘top-flight’ status we have.

Perhaps it is the merit of a magnificent team of individuals who breathe life and love into the Club, continually expand the vision, and open our ‘living room’ to welcome dreamers, dancers, regulars and friends year after year. With that typical ‘Berlin manner, ‘ the team adapts and develops the Club’s vision and reality to current times and possibilities. Above all, we remain open-minded and unprejudiced towards the new and potentially different. With our resilient team, we navigate through turbulent waters and stormy times and, thanks to many new and old fans, continue strong onto our next journey around the sun.

Twenty-one, what a legendary age! From today on, Watergate finally is allowed to enter Watergate! With this happy anniversary, the Club became the city’s oldest permanent club venue. We have reason enough to celebrate our birthday with a few special events…

Event listings:

W21 YEARS PRESENTS: Dubfire & Joey Beltram Eliza Feliz Lask Lewin Paul b2b Jacke

FRI, 29.09. 2023

W21 YEARS PRESENTS: Sama’ Abdulhadi Marcel Fengler Marco Resmann STEYA

FRI, 06.10. 2023

W21 YEARS PRESENTS: Recondite 8KAYS Aglaja Brix DROWN Ede Skatman

SAT, 07.10 2023

W21 YEARS PRESENTS: Louie Vega LIA Natalie Robinson b2b Naomi Yamour Revivis

FRI, 20.10. 2023

W21 YEARS PRESENTS: Carl Craig, tba …

FRI, 10.11.2023

W21 YEARS PRESENTS: Sven Väth, tba…

Fri, 1.12. 2023