Hernan Cattaneo and Hicky & Kalo team up for a brand new single ‘Voyage’ on Plaisirs Sonores Records

Hernan Cattaneo

Plaisirs Sonores Records, a leading force in the progressive & melodic house scene, is excited to unveil its latest gem: ‘Voyage.’ This electrifying single brings together the legendary Hernan Cattaneo with the label’s founders, Hicky & Kalo, in what is their first-ever collaborative effort.

Voyage‘ embodies a sonic exploration, taking listeners on an entrancing journey through intricate rhythms, lush soundscapes, and captivating harmonies. The synergy between Hernan Cattaneo‘s iconic sound and the distinctive style of Hicky & Kalo is palpable, resulting in a track that feels both timeless and innovative.

Label founders, Hicky & Kalo, express their enthusiasm: “Collaborating with Hernan, an artist we’ve always admired, was a profound experience. ‘Voyage’ encapsulates our shared passion for music that moves not just feet but also hearts.”

This release signifies more than just a melding of musical minds; it’s a testament to Plaisirs Sonores Records‘ commitment to championing groundbreaking music. ‘Voyage‘ is poised to be a standout release of the year, resonating with longtime fans of both artists and drawing in new listeners with its evocative allure.

Listen to the track below!