Justice Announce Their Brand New Album ‘Hyperdrama’

Justice have announced their brand new album ‘Hyperdrama’ will be released on 26th April 2024 via Ed Banger Records / Because Music. The album will be available digitally to stream/download as well as physically via CD, double black vinyl, limited edition double crystal clear vinyl and limited edition double picture disc vinyl.

Here’s what Justice had to say about their brand new single ‘One Night/All Night’ featuring Tame Impala‘:

“We wanted this track to sound as if a dark/techno iteration of Justice had found a sample of a disco iteration of Kevin Parker. Kevin has a sense of melody that’s fascinating in the sense that he manages to write melodies that feel both simple and natural, but very peculiar at the same time.

This song oscillates between pure electronic music and pure disco but you never really get the two at the same time. This very idea of switching instantly from a genre to another within a song runs through the whole record, and is maybe showcased the clearest in ‘One Night/All Night‘.

Justice – Hyperdrama

And of ‘Generator‘, the band add:

“To us, this one sounds like “Getaway” by the Salsoul Orchestra, but with gabber and classic 90s hardcore techno sounds. Disco/funk and electronic music at large have always been core elements of the music we make as Justice. In ‘Hyperdrama’, we make them coexist, but not in a peaceful way. We like this idea of making them fight a bit for attention.”

The official video for ‘One Night/All Night‘ starring Tame Impala is available to watch now. The arresting visual, produced by Phantasm and directed by Anton Tammi also reveals the artwork for the highly anticipated ‘Hyperdrama‘ album.

“I suggested to them that what if we dive in? What if their music video was a journey inside the cross?” states Tammi. “I dreamed of creating a piece like this. A strange and experimental object that looks like rave lighting inside human lungs and strobe light around a human heart.”

Watch the official video for ‘One Night/All Night‘ starring Tame Impala by Justice below.