2smile continue their impressive form with ‘U Don’t Feel It’ on Ondawey Music

Ondawey Music bosses 2smile continue their impressive run of form with their brand new outing ‘U Don’t Feel It’. An ethereal melodic Techno jam, U Don’t Feel It combines raw emotion with driving dancefloor energy generating a reflective anthem that is both introspective and immersive whilst providing the unmatched energy required for the biggest of club settings.

With its succinct driving bass, suspense filled breaks perfectly combined with haunting vocals that reverberate. The track title, U Don’t Feel It is unmatched in sonic prowess proving to be yet another prime example of 2smile’s unique skill of producing consistent melodic tracks of the highest order.

U Don’t Feel It marks the fifth release this year from the French duo, who are showing absolutely no signs of slowing down. Releasing primarily on their own Ondawey Music imprint, their frequent high calibre output has caught the eye of some of the industry’s biggest players including Paco Osuna, Alex Medina, Terry Francis, DJ Ross firmly cementing their appeal in the worldwide club scene.

2smile – U Don’t Feel It

Under the moniker 2smile, Axel Franchi and Benjamin Guerini, are two prominent stalwarts in the electronic music landscape active for over two decades, evolving through the various stages of the industry. Initially recognized for their sound system contributions (OQP + METEK) and trailblazing free parties in Europe, the duo adopted distinct pseudonyms (XTECH / OKUPE / BEN METEK) for underground events.

Their prominence extends to their productions featured on renowned Tekno and HardTekno labels, earning them lauded recognition as pioneers in the genre and consistent chart-toppers in vinyl sales. With a recent collaboration, they formed 2smile to explore more unifying styles, embracing Deep House, Melodic House, Tech House and Techno, aligned with their evolving musical preferences.

With a sea of possibility, the Ondawey bosses continue to impress with a multitude of projects on the horizon, this year seeing the pair expand their label output tenfold. With forthcoming releases from past collaborators Sekael and Jade Praize, Ondawey Music is set to serve as a platform to showcase cutting edge talent and emerging artists alike.

The dynamic duo will actively see the return of their highly successful label showcases, taking Ondawey across France, Spain, UK and the Netherlands.

With an output that is both energetic and melodic, fluidly mixing genres whilst incorporating elements of music from across the world, their top class productions, combined with their abundant stage presence assures 2smile as one of the most exciting emerging acts to watch this year.

Listen to the track below.