Prospa Announces CircoLoco Records EP with the Release of Title-Track ‘If You Want My Loving’

Acclaimed UK electronic music duo Prospa set the scene for their upcoming EP with its anthemic lead single and title track ‘If You Want My Loving’, out now on the celebrated CircoLoco Records.

The soulful, acid-tinged, and festival-ready ‘If You Want My Loving‘ signals a new era for Prospa, as the duo pays gleeful homage to the euphoria of the ’90s rave scene. The vocals evoke the raw intensity of ’90s house legends, while vintage synths weave seamlessly through the track, harkening to the era of hardware-driven dance music.

The track’s hypnotic beat and minimalist instrumentation, drawing inspiration from the pulsating basslines of dance classics, serve as the foundation, gradually building into an immersive sonic landscape. The infectious groove, intricate production, and exhilarating sense of release make ‘If You Want My Loving‘ an undeniable masterclass in layering and arrangement.

Prospa – If You Want My Loving

Their upcoming EP If You Want My Loving lands on May 24th and will be the tenth release (CLR 010) from the ground-breaking CircoLoco Records, adding to an already pumping year for the label on the back of Carlita‘s ‘Cash For Love‘.

The two-track release, which additionally will include a bonus track for vinyl only, will also feature the deep, driving, and unstoppably infectious ‘Motions‘.

Prospa says: “As our first release of 2024, this represents a new step in the Prospa sound. A bassline-focused, raw interpretation of classic dance music with a touch of Chicago House, The Chemical Brothers, and disco drum breaks- all under the roof of Prospa’s production- made for the dancefloor in DC10 and beyond.”

Serving as a tantalizing preview of Prospa‘s evolving sound, their first release of 2024, ‘If You Want My Loving‘ not only sets the stage for the eagerly awaited synonymously-titled EP but also marks another high point for CircoLoco‘s illustrious roster.

As anticipation grows for the EP, it’s evident that Prospa is set to deepen their connection with fans and solidify their status as electronic music trailblazers.

Listen to the track below!