Matisse & Sadko return to Tomorrowland Music with ‘Shadows’

Progressive house brothers Matisse & Sadko are making their grand return to Tomorrowland’s imprint with their newest production titled ‘Shadows’, released on Tomorrowland Music!

Joining forces with singer/songwriter blythe, the brothers will keep you on the edge of your seat with their latest offering, fully embodying the duo’s signature style of emotive dreaming-progressive house music.

In true Matisse & Sadko fashion, ‘Shadows‘ features beautiful and blissful vocals, a stunning melody and is set to feature heavily in their upcoming summer sets – there is no doubt the future looks bright for the brothers…

Matisse & Sadko have solidified their position as some of the most exciting and innovative producers in the electronic dance music scene, already returning to Tomorrowland‘s imprint for their fifth release after ‘Relight My Love‘, ‘Feeling‘, ‘Lefka‘ and ‘Promise You‘.

Here’s what blythe had to say about the collaboration:

“As soon as I heard the strings on this beautiful track I was in! I’m a sucker for big emotion and strings so the idea of collaborating on this was a dream and a pleasure. I loved the idea of how memories might linger in the places we find joy, and how joy requires a sense of safety which for some is found in the shadows not the open. The image of someone I love dancing in unlikely half-seen places was playing a lot in my mind as I wrote and recorded it.”

Listen to the track below.