Nicole Moudaber to debut her powerful new show ANKH Unveiled

Nicole Moudaber

Nicole Moudaber is set to grace the stage once more at NY’s revered outdoor complex, The Brooklyn Mirage this May 18th, bringing with her a powerful new audiovisual show – ANKH Unveiled.

As part of the highly-anticipated Carl Cox Invites event, Moudaber‘s performance promises to be an otherworldly experience as she unveils the groundbreaking new visuals that have been months in the making, with Avant Gardner‘s open-air sanctuary The Brooklyn Mirage, the perfect backdrop for its debut.

Steeped in mysticism and profound symbolism, ANKH Unveiled is poised to take audiences on an immersive journey through seven key elements of existence. Drawing inspiration from ancient Egyptian culture, Moudaber‘s set will explore themes such as the Key of Life, symbolizing eternal existence and interconnectedness, Fertility and Regeneration, representing the cyclical nature of existence and the power of creation, Divine Enlightenment, delving into the pursuit of spiritual awakening and transcendence, and the Unity of Body and Spirit, embodying the harmony between physical and metaphysical realms.

Ankh Unveiled
Nicole Moudaber Ankh Unveiled

Moudaber‘s ANKH Unveiled promises to be more than just a performance; it’s an exploration of self and the divine through a fusion of Nicole‘s signature pulsating beats, hypnotic rhythms, and captivating visuals. Attendees can expect to be transported to a realm of transcendental soundscapes and spiritual discovery.

Here’s what Moudaber had to say about the new show:

“I am so excited to finally be sharing ANKH Unveiled with the world. It is a deeply personal project for me, and something I have been working on for some time now. It’s a journey of introspection, enlightenment, and connection – both to yourself and the universe.

The Brooklyn Mirage is the perfect canvas for this experience, and I can’t wait to see the reactions of everyone who joins us on this special night – we’re going to make some magic!”

Last remaining tickets are available here.