The Online Tomorrowland DJ & Producing Academy is joining forces with James Hype

The Online Tomorrowland DJ & Producing Academy has joined forces with renowned UK DJ & producer James Hype to launch an Exclusive Masterclass ‘From Beginner to Pro’.

People from all over the world can now dive deep into the remarkable skills of James Hype, who personally takes you through a step-by-step guide to upgrade your transitions and improve your mixing skills on every setup with the most viral DJ tips & tricks from the master himself.

As one of the most skilled and charismatic DJs out there, James Hype is the perfect guy to explain DJing from flagship to home setup. Both beginning and advanced DJs & producers that want to take their career to the next level don’t need an expensive set-up, James Hype explains all his tricks on several controllers: DDJ-FLX4 for starting DJs with an easy, medium and hard DJ trick per controller, all the way up to DDJ-FLX10, XDJ-RX3 and 4 deck mixing on CDJ-3000s.

As a cherry on top: Hype even shows his most recent DJS-1000 routines for the first time ever, including the use of drum machines and creating melodies on the spot.

James Hype tutorial
James Hype Masterclass

The Online Tomorrowland DJ & Producing Academy is Tomorrowland’s educational DJ & producer platform, dedicated to inspiring and empowering enthusiastic people from every corner of the world to produce, release, create and perform music.

Serving as the perfect platform to scout new and young talent, the Online Tomorrowland DJ & Producing Academy also gives adults the opportunity to refine their skills and network with other peers in the industry.

DJs who have just started their journey, as well as the more experienced ones, can practice and take their first steps into deejaying and producing with the online academy’s in-depth courses, challenge their skills, innovate their music library and solve common DJ problems, producers can learn from the best in the industry, upgrade their techniques, browse samples and project files and receive feedback on their demos.

Find all info about the Online Tomorrowland DJ & Producing Academy and its monthly membership HERE. A subscription for the brand-new Online Tomorrowland DJ & Producing Academy costs €15 per month or €165 per year. The brand-new Masterclass with James Hype is not included in the monthly/yearly subscription and is available for €149.