Marc Antonix Releases His Powerful New Track ‘Echoes

Marc Antonix, the trailblazing DJ and producer from Los Angeles, is setting the scene on fire with his killer mix of cinematic sounds, catchy production integrations, and booming basslines.

His style has produced great go-to’s like “Let You Go,” “Glory Nights,” “All A Dream,” and “All For You.” With previous support on his music from top names like Don Diablo, The Chainsmokers, and Afrojack, and features in top outlets like Your EDM, CULTR, Earmilk, and We Rave You, Marc is absolutely owning the music scene.

Growing up in Los Angeles, Marc Antonix found his love for electronic music early on. From spinning at local spots to creating tracks that hit home worldwide, his rise has been nothing short of eye-catching. His unique sound quickly caught on, leading to a string of successful releases and a dedicated fan base.

Marc Antonix – Echoes

Echoes” stands out as one of Marc‘s best. He says, “Echoes is hands-down one of my favorite tracks I’ve ever made. It starts with these epic ambient vibes, then the bassline hits and it just goes off! The nostalgic melodies add so much emotion. I’m super proud of this one.”

Echoes” begins with sweeping ambient sounds, pulling you into a vast and immersive space. When the bassline drops, the track explodes with energy, delivering a high-octane experience. The nostalgic melodies running through it bring a deep, emotional feel, making it much more than just a dance tune.

The breakdown is the real kicker, with rich, emotive chords clashing perfectly with the intense rhythm, flooding the listener with emotion through a bass-heavy style. This moment highlights Marc Antonix‘s skill in blending raw power with deep sentiment.

Marc Antonix‘s journey from a local DJ to a rising name proves his unique vision and contributions are here to stay.

Listen to the track below.