Able Grey Delivers Ambitious Project In The Release Of ‘The Eternal Cycle’

DJ and producer Able Grey has unveiled his latest project, ‘The Eternal Cycle’ EP, which might just be his best work to date. Grey dedicated countless hours to this project, transforming a modest idea into a multifaceted collection of songs.

As the head of the EX MEDIAS collective in Chicago, which he founded and is steadily expanding, Grey‘s influence is notable.

Grey‘s words reflect his ambition:

“I’m constantly trying to push myself to be more and do more than I think is possible.” This EP, born from an unexpected collaboration, exemplifies this drive. With tracks recorded over the past few years, Grey now releases this deeply personal project, ready to move on to new ventures.

Able Grey
Able Grey – The Eternal Cycle

The EP was teased with singles like “Beauty Fades” and “Fatal Love,” and now comes to full fruition. ‘The Eternal Cycle‘ explores the cyclical nature of life and growth, presenting a genre-defying blend of melodic bass and dubstep. This EP represents Grey’s personal and artistic growth, offering listeners something that will stand the test of time.

Able Grey‘s role as a leader of the EX MEDIAS collective and his performances at major festivals proves he’s willing to go above and beyond the call of duty with his passions to make them come to life.

Listen to the tracks below.

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