Steve Angello’s unreleased track gets ripped off and sold by a producer [VIDEO]

img via omnia

While Skrillex and Bieber have been sued recently by indie pop star Casey Dienel aka White Hinterland for alleged copyright infringement over the singer’s famous hit “Sorry,”, this latest case of ripping a track will blow your mind.

New York based producer Mr.13utta has ripped off Steve Angello‘s unreleased track “I feel at home“. The track has been on his SoundCloud profile for over a year, and while making remixes or bootlegs isn’t an issue, the problem here is that the producer has been selling the track on iTunes.

The track is almost the same as Steve Angello‘s “I Feel At Home“, which the Swede DJ and producer premiered at Ultra Music Festival in Miami, 2014. The funniest part here is that the rip is straight from the Ultra Live Stream.

A fan page on twitter brought this to Steve’s attention, and he acknowledged the tweet, adding that he’ll leave the whole issue to his lawyers to handle.

Check the both tracks below