DEA’s Hilarious Guide to RAVE Culture [Details Here]

photo by Matthew Spong

If you’re unfamiliar with the DEA, they’re the Drug Enforcement Agency, the part of the United States Police Department charged with narcotics operations.

Back in 2001, they released a document called “The Rave and Club Culture/Designer Drugs”. Some of the questions the D.E.A. is asking themselves is What is PLUR?, What do ravers wear? Which sports drinks do they favor?

Their materials include a brief history of the rave scene, a breakdown of the types of music one might encounter at a rave, the various kinds of raves, the importance of selling water bottles at these events, and many more.

Check out some of the highlights.

What is a Rave Party ?

rave dea ravejungle

Primary music genres played at raves

rave music ravejungle

What do ravers wear at this parties ?

rave wear ravejungle

To read the document in full, click HERE