Police Injured By Missiles During Clashes At illegal RAVE

img via Kamel Labiad

Three police officers were injured during clashes with ravers at an illegal rave in the North East London town of Walthamstow that lasted more than seven hours. Police were called to the Hurricane Room around 9:45 p.m (Saturday, July 2). where a crowd of more than 5 hundred people were standing outside the unlicensed event.

Police officers attempted to disperse the crowd, but some of the ravers managed to gain access to the building. After that officers from the Territorial Support Group were imediatelly called to the scene to help and assist and the majority of people outside the premises were dispersed.

However, a large number of party goers refused to leave the building, barricading themselves inside. Missiles were then thrown at officers. Police officers finally entered the building  around 5 a.m. on Sunday.

Three police officers, one man and two women were reported to have sustained minor injuries, but they did not require hospital treatment. One man was arrested for criminal damage, another male was arrested for a public order offence and two men were also arrested for supplying a noxious substance.