Traditional burners slam ‘rich kids’ whining after their luxury camp was vandalized

Burning man img

It is supposed to be a utopian vision of peace and love but this year’s Burning Man has been marred by “hooligans” carrying out a “revolution against rich parasites”.

“White Ocean,” camp which was founded in 2013 by British DJ Paul Oakenfold and Timur Sardarov, the son of Russian billionaire and oil magnate Rashid Sardarov was brutally vandalized by an unknown group of “hooligans.”

In recent years it has become popular with Silicon Valley millionaires, and billionaires. Luxurious so-called “plug-n-play” camps have sprung up which use hired staff like cooks, builders and security, and allow international jetsetters to drop in for quick visits.

Many traditional “Burners” claim that is a betrayal of the spirit of “radical self-reliance” that is a cornerstone of the festival, which began in 1986.

They also supported the attack, saying it was time to “take back” the festival.

“Your misguided attempt to be the big unifiers of people, love and music failed miserably and was a funny story for us to laugh at,” one commenter on Facebook proclaimed. “Clearly some things cannot be bought! Thank God for the rest of us and the occasional reckoning of the angry mob! There is your lesson!”

Tony Wichowski, a Burner, said: “And so the revolution has begun. Taking Burning Man back from the parasite class, back from the electronic dance music tourists. Taking Burning Man back for the people. This wasn’t much but it’s a great start.”

He continued alluding to the exclusivity in the White Ocean group “Your spirit of exclusivity and decadence is exactly why the world, outside of your luxury camp is so f*cked today. Luxury seekers are twats. Not cosmic, not cool, and certainly NOT what any festival is about! Anyone knows that! I think Burning Man were totally right. You got what you deserved and now you want to cry like the victims!”