The San Bernardino board of supervisors to consider Rave Task Force

Nocturnal Wonderland img via Insomniac

The San Bernardino County board of supervisors to consider rave task force.

In an effort to crack down on unwanted conduct, noise and traffic associated with raves at the San Manuel Amphitheater in Devore, the San Bernardino County board of supervisors on Tuesday will consider forming a Rave Task Force.

Supervisors and county staff said they had heard resident complaints loud and clear, which is why they created the rave task force. The proposed task force also would seek input from the community, especially Devore residents, and consider changes to accommodate their concerns.

According to Devore resident and president of the Devore Rural Protection Association, Valerie Henry “All other concerts or festivals end at 11 p.m. It shouldn’t be any different for these,”. 

Another thing she suggests is to convert the rave into a “silent disco” after 10 P.M., where attendees wear wireless headphones and the music is broadcast through a radio transmitter, which would end the noise problem all together.

“The kids get the same experience, but the surrounding neighborhoods don’t get the impact of the noise,” she said.

Supervisor Janice Rutherford is pushing to get the raves back to an 11 p.m. end time, as was agreed in its original contract with Live Nation, but later amended to extend the end time at 2 a.m. She said the silent disco idea was broached with the event promoters, but it was determined it wouldn’t work for such a large, outside venue.

“Apparently it works at small indoor venues, but no one has figured it out for the large outdoor venues yet,” Rutherford said in a phone interview. “I thought it was a great solution, but it won’t actually work.”