The organizers behind Coachella and Bonnaroo team up for new super festival

Coachella and Bonnaroo
img via Coachella, Youtube

Superfly, the organizer behind Bonnaroo festival and Outside Lands, has teamed up with Coachella parent company AEG for a brand new super festival in Denver, Colorado.

While this project is news to the public, according to local music-industry legend Chuck Morris, CEO of AEG Live Rocky Mountains, the festival has been in the works for roughly half a decade. It will include a wide diversity of musical acts across multiple stages, and will host 30000 – 60000 attendees over the course of a weekend as soon as fall 2018.

As Westword reported, “Morris and his colleagues see potential — not just in run-of-the-mill stadium concerts, but in creating a festival experience with multiple stages and a bevy of musical acts, a similar character to Coachella, if slightly smaller, at least in the beginning.”