Skrillex reunites with “From First to Last” for first performance in 11 years [VIDEO]

From First To last

The Grammy-award winning DJ Skrillex, resumed vocals for a reunion set with his former band “From First to Last” at L.A.’s Emo Night.

Last night, the “Bangarang” hitmaker joined his former band “From First to Last“, which he left in 2007, for a reunion show at Los Angeles’ Emo Night. They played “The One-Armed Boxer vs. The Flying Guillotine”and “Note to Self”, some of which Skrillex live-streamed via Instagram.

Sonny Moore recently reunited with “From First To Last” to release the track “Make War” on his 29th birthday. It’s been about 11 years since he performed with his childhood band.

Check out the video below.