99 People Arrested in Operation Planned Around Music Festival

Photo by Alex Markow

A two-day crackdown on drugs in St. Lucie County led to the arrests of 99 people, outside Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival.

As with most festivals, festival goers come equipped with a wide variety of drugs to enhance their experience, and St. Lucie County Sheriiff’s Office is apparently well aware of this. They ran a “highway interdiction program” and after a two-day have arrested 99 people, more than ever before.

Investigators made 750 contacts with people over those two days. The effort generated 56 traffic citations, 275 warnings, 17 equipment corrections and 99 arrests.

According to the sheriff’s department, confiscated drugs included:

  • 198 grams of hallucinogenic mushrooms
  • 380 grams of marijuana edibles
  • 95 grams of ecstasy 
  • 22 grams of cocaine
  • 648 grams of marijuana 
  • 28 grams of synthetic marijuana 
  • 16 caplets of Molly
  • 1 gram of heroin
  • 61 strips of LSD
  • 4 hydrocodone pills
  • 24 pills of prescription medication not prescribed to the person who possessed it.

“These two days proved to be one of the most successful drug interdictions in our county’s history and pulled together a partnership of law enforcement all with the same core goal, to ensure that events in and around our county are safe and drug free,” St. Lucie County Sheriff Ken J. Mascara said in a statement.

“With the current heroin epidemic facing our state and country, the potential for deadly overdose from any drug is high, who knows how many lives were saved thanks to the efforts of this operation” he added.

This year’s headliners included Waka Flocka Flame, Wiz Khalifa, Usher and The Roots.