Delicious Food at Music Festivals

With the food scene becoming more popular and trendy everyday, it makes sense to have some of the best cuisine at today’s festivals.

If you are eating at a rave your probably either a foodie or simply attempting to sober up. Some of the stuff you’ll find isn’t just your typical corndog and french fry, we are talking real deal gourmet home cooking.

Although some festivals are known for certain foods, most of them will have your typical festival/fair food. This ranges from a wide variety of cuisines across the world. Of course you’ll find some Mexican food, probably being either a huge burrito or authentic street tacos. You can also find pizza at most festivals these days along with the regular stuff like cheesy nachos and burgers.

As I mentioned above, some festivals are known for certain foods. Here’s a look at some of the more gourmet food that today’s bigger music festivals provide.


Tomorrowland Restaurant img via Yannick

With no surprise, Belgium’s Tomorrowland takes home the trophy for festival with the best food. For some festival goers this means nothing, but for others like myself this means the world. As I mentioned earlier, the popular Tomorrowland Festival takes place in Belgium, where the food culture is thriving so it only makes sense to offer some of the best delicacies that the region can offer.

Tomorrowland food img via Yannick

The festival offers everything from your typical cheeseburger to fine dining, easily satisfying everyone’s cravings. Some goodies that immediately stand out are the fresh strawberries that go perfectly with the classic Belgium waffles, not to mention the frozen yogurt stand. Other delicious treats include Belgium style croquettes, vegetarian/vegan dishes and they even have fresh sushi and steaks for those really trying to dive into the foodie world.


Coachella Food

The Coachella Art and Music festival is another massive party that provides party goers with an abundance of quality gourmet food.

It’s a destination festival for most foodies with its wide variety ranging from Mediterranean food all the way to Fat Dragon, the popular new school type Chinese food based in Silver Lake, California. Some notable goodies that will for sure help sober you up throughout the event is the filling Spanish Paella and the famous Eureka Burger. Mexican and Italian cuisines are also present with authentic street tacos and New York style Pizza.

Another awesome part of the Coachella experience is the Craft Beer Barn which offers quality craft beers on tap which is an absolute must hit. The barn not only offers great beer on tap but also have their own personal kitchen to grab some quick snacks while enjoying your beer.


Lollapalooza Food

Chicago is one of those cities that offers some of the best food around the world, and Lollapalooza happens to land right smack dab in the middle of it. The obvious cuisines that should immediately come to mind when thinking of Chicago is Italian food and the famous Chicago hot dogs.

Lollapalooza Food img via Nick Kindelspreger

A cool feature that Lollapalooza offers is Chow Town which is host to thirty premiere food vendors that are local to Chicago. A full on farmers market is another cool feature about the event. As I mentioned earlier, Chicago is known for their amazing Italian food so it only makes sense for the festival to located not far from the famous ‘Little Italy’ district in downtown Chicago.

food at music festivals
Lollapalooza Food img via Sarah Collins
Lollapalooza Chicago Food, img via Sarah Collins

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