EDC just got a lot creepier with craigslist ad from an older dude looking for a ‘Travel Companion’

edc las vegas 2017 livestream
img via Insomniac

Festival-goers are getting excited as EDC Las Vegas creeps around the corner, but this Craigslist dude seems to be a little too pumped as he throws out offers for the perfect “traveling partner” to share the weekend experience with.

Electric Daisy Carnival is one of the biggest electronic dance music festivals in the world, with its flagship held annually in Las Vegas, Nevada. This year they are expected to have over 400 thousand attendees throughout the three-day weekend, one of them being this creepy Craigslist guy.

With his name unknown, the topless man posted a request for a companion to not only travel with, but also share a two-bed hotel room and have a “marathon of fun.” Selling his extra ticket for $480, he’s looking for the perfect girl to party with and oh don’t worry, he’s not interested in “hook ups.”

Check it out ladies! I wonder who the lucky girl will be?!

edc creepiest craigslist offer