LED Eyelashes are the newest thing to hit the EDM world [VIDEO]

led eyelashes

As the rave community continues to grow each day with new DJ’s, festivals and trends, the flashy fashion that comes along with scene is also progressing. There’s already LED costumes, shoes, jewelry and kitty ears, and from now you’ll be able to wear LED makeup! Eyelashes, to be exact.

Labeled the “Fun Flashes”, and the newest thing to hit the EDM world, these lashes will come with fully functional LED lighting that react with your movement. The LED eyelashes come with three different modes, ’tilt mode’, ‘jump mode’ and ‘sparkle mode’.

The product was demonstrated at Maker Faire and look awesome. Word is that a kick-starter is hopefully in the works and may be launched sometime this summer. Sounds like they’ll come just in time for the summers biggest festivals like Tomorrowland, Electric Forest and Mysteryland.