DJ Snake canceled another major show after his mysterious disappearance

dj snake can
Courtesy Photo, DJ Snake

A little over a week ago, the French Dj and producer, DJ Snake unexpectedly dissapeared after canceling his performance at Hangout Music Fest and simultaneously removed his Twitter and Instagram accounts.

He also sent out a final snap labeled, “Tu ma’s decu” meaning “you’ve disappointed me” before going total dark. No one is really sure what to believe of this change of events, but there’s a theory that he is continuously dealing with his law suit regarding his major hit “Turn Down for What.”

The French producer was also scheduled to perform at this weekend’s Wynn in Las Vegas for Memorial Day weekend, but according to his talent agency, Paradigm, he is “not able to perform” at the show.

We really hope everything is fine with DJ Snake, cause we and lot of his friends and fans began to worry about him. He is also scheduled to appear at Insomniac‘s Electric Forest for Weekend 2. These are his only scheduled shows for the month of June. He also plays HARD Summer the following weekend, August 5.

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