Steve Angello Producing New Documentary Called ‘The Last Free Space’ [VIDEO]

steve angello
Steve Angello

Since the split of Swedish House Mafia back in 2013, the Greek-Swedish DJ Steve Angello has been quietly exploring the filmmaking world.

On his most recent solo album titled ‘Wild Youth’ he put together music videos that were meant to tell the story of his life in different stages. This was the first hint to us that he wanted to incorporate film and tell a story through his music.

Recently, Steve took to Facebook to share with the world that he is now working on and producing a new Documentary titled ‘The Last Free Space‘. The documentary will focus on an isolated community of people labeled as outcasts or runaways in Slab City, California. Although most members of the community are forced to live there due to poverty, some choose to stay there simply to avoid 21st century civilization.

Seems like the thought of ‘living free’ and ‘being free’ really intrigues Steve. The main goal of the documentary is to tell the story of people who willingly choose to live this way. To some, it sounds absolutely insane to live off the land in the middle of the desert but to these people they are free.

Check out the trailer for his new documentary below!