Terrible and Unethical Work Conditions at Glastonbury Festival 2017 in UK ! [VIDEO]

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Some not so typical news has come out revolving around this years famous Glastonbury Festival in the UK.

Apparently an estimated 600 European Union workers were exploited after having their work contracts terminated early and with no warning. The worst part about this situation is most of these workers were left stranded in tents with even less money than they arrived with due to travel and food expenses.

It’s said that workers came from all over the world including Czech Republic, Spain and Poland. Their job was simple, 2 weeks of clean up duties at Worthy Farm after festival hours. Workers even accepted low wages and were still mistreated. Festival organizers contribute the terminated work contracts to the grounds having less rubbish than usual.

Cheryl Roberts, a woman working on the site expressed shame at the treatment of the workers, saying:

“Jeremy Corbyn was the headliner of Glastonbury, really, he attracted the largest crowd with his speech. So for Glastonbury not to have the decency to feed a group of workers that have travelled thousands of miles to be here, after supporting his speech about immigration and foreign workers… it just reeks of hypocrisy and is quite frankly embarrassing.”

In a video taken on site during a protest, a supervisor is seen telling a worker:

“Everyone is on a zero hours contract. We have no commitment to feed these people, they’re on paid jobs, their job is over. “I don’t think it is the responsibility of Glastonbury or anyone else to feed these people. They are responsible adults who can feed themselves… no one is stopping them from leaving the farm to get food.”

This whole situation is crummy and totally not right.. Check back for future updates as we hope all of this quickly and properly gets resolved.