Molly no longer safer than Ecstasy : Study finds only 60 % has actual MDMA !


The Journal of Psychopharmacology recently published a study which revealed concerning new revelations about the purity of “Molly,” a drug which, up until the results were published, had generally been considered to be safer and purer than ecstasy pills.

The study was based on analyzing 529 samples of testing data recorded over five years on substances that were supposedly Molly.

The data was submitted for review by DanceSafe, the non-profit organization that shows up to events and festivals and promotes harm reduction and safety by providing free on-site drug testing.

Only 60 percent of the samples tested showed the presence of MDMA. The other powders and pills tested showed a combination of assorted chemicals, many of which were unidentifiable. Thirteen samples contained methamphetamine in them, and three tested for a dangerous substance known as PMA.

With instances of drug-related deaths being reported at festivals each year, this study highlights the importance of testing before using.