Denver officially approves new 3 day music festival by promoters of Bonnaroo

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New York’s very own Superfly productions, a marketing and event company has been granted approval in Denver’s Oakland pro golf course as the venue for a massive 3 day music festival.

Superfly is no newbie in the event industry, hosting notorious events such as Bonnaroo festival and Outside Lands. 

Many are in celebration of the news, but Superfly is facing concerns from the neighborhoods surrounding the venue. But this did not change the council vote, with a 10-3 to approve the 5 year contract with Superfly.

The council members have plans for the communities concerns regarding the event. This new festival will bring a significant financial boost to the surrounding area of the Oakland pro gold course. The event is planned to take place at the beginning of September in 2018.

Superfly has confirm that they plan to bring big name artists as well major involvement from local bands, food, and drink vendors. The event is expected to draw 30,000 to 40,000 people a day to the site in the first year, but Superfly plans to grow this number as the events grows over the years. 

“It’s a contract that protects the golf course, that protects the neighborhood … and brings revenue to the neighborhood that can be used for projects that the citizens have been asking for for years.” Says Jolon Clark who worked on the contract for over a year. 

In exchange for the control of the golf course for up to five week, Superfly has to pay a lease of $200,000, but the city itself will actually be the one make all the money pocketing 10% of seat tax and $2 per ticket for a golf fund and $1 for a community fund. Superfly will be responsible for restoring the grass terrain on the course as well as any aspects that may have been ruined post event. 

See you in Denver in 2018!