Pasquale Rotella To Announce EDC Las Vegas 2018 Updates In 2 Weeks

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EDC Las Vegas Kinetic Gaia, img via aLIVE coverage

Pasquale Rotella, the founder of Insomniac Events, announced via Instagram Live some exciting news about Electric Daisy Carnival’s – EDC Las Vegas future.

Rotella expresses that the experience that makes EDC Las Vegas so special will still remain the same despite what online rumors are saying. He focuses on improving the logistics that have been an issue for the festival, the travel to and from the festival.

One thing that Pasquale Rotella made clear is that he is going to keep EDC an EDM focused festival even though the controversial performance of DJ Khaled in 2016. Other items Rotella touched based on was the downgrade of Nocturnal Wonderland from a three-day festival to a two-day festival for this year. Rotella explains that it was a decision based on two factors, first to return the festival to a more intimate style environment and to ‘desaturate the festival marketing.’

He also uses the opportunity to discuss the recent rumors regarding the Gary Richards‘ controversy. He confirms that the past few years Insomniac had actually owned Richards HARD events and promotion brand which was left to run on it’s own. Something definitely worth noting is that Insomniac has a creative deal with Live Nation Entertainment, who purchased HARD in 2012.

Lastly, he clarifies and puts the rumors to an end regarding EDC New York coming back. Rotella stresses the point that he would rather have “quality over quantity of festivals” which can be seen in his strategic move on Nocturnal Wonderland as well as putting an end to EDC New York.