The Real Price Of Burning Man – How Much Is It Really ?

burning man
Burning Man 2015. Photo by Scott London (

The Burning Man is not your average 3-4 day festival that you can attend with almost zero worries on survival. The whole experience is built upon the concept of self-reliance and creativity.

So if you think you can pull out your wallet and get yourself a fresh cheeseburger in the middle of the day… think again. So how much is to self sustain yourself in one of the world biggest events in the middle of the desert for 7 days?

Time Money broke down to the exact dollar what is expected for the average burner to spend on this magical 7-day gathering. Burning Man goes down this year between August 27 and September 4 and the breakdown of the budget includes what you would need for the whole trip to Nevada’s the Black Rock Desert including shelter, food, drugs and everything.

Right off the bat, you need to spend $450 dollars on Burning Man tickets, airfare around $300-$400, and if you are driving a $80 car pass. But trust us, that’s not where the real expenses are, now let’s talk about food, gatorade, ice, and gallons of water are obviously needed to survive your trip to the desert.

Plus, a couple packs of Coronas and a few bottles of liquor. ESSENTIAL Survival supplies ranging from sunscreen, to earplugs, to duct tape, to hand sanitizer, and many other items that you may encounter throughout your online research. Now lets factor your shelter, lets start with camping gear, including sleeping bag, tent and lastly some wheels to get around the playa.

Total Burning Man 2017 Cost: $2,348

Is it worth it? Trust us. It is.

Gather your friends and prepare yourself for next year, because everyone who has a sense for adventure should experience the Burn at least once.

For more information check out the event’s FAQ page

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