DJ Alison Wonderland Fires Back Against Sexist Tweet !

alison wonderland
img via Insomniac

Since the introduction of social media, it’s become faster and easier for people to say some pretty nasty things about each other, all while hiding behind the security of their phones and computer screens. Some are able to shrug off these insults, but DJ Alison Wonderland prefers to use her fighting words instead — and for good reason.

On August 13th, the Australian DJ and producer tweeted out to her fans, “At the end of the day the only thing that matters in this industry is the music. Don’t forget.”

But apparently, not everyone agreed with her statement. Ukrainian producer Dimitry Bondarenko, AKA “Addictive Glance.” proceeded to comment in response, “You’d never be who you are now in that case, tits and blowjobs seems to be working equally effective.

Wonderland then wasted no time reposting the original reply on her account, followed up by a response mocking the ridiculousness of Bondarenko’s statement.

“Can’t wait to get in the studio & make music with my tits,” She tweeted sarcastically. She then followed up with, “When u say music is important and this is the reply. Sexism at its finest. Blowjobs r cool but has nothing to do with music.”

See the conversation below: