Deadmau5 trolls Hardwell after his announcement that he’s retiring from DJing

deadmau5 trolls hardwell

In case you didn’t already know, world’s famous EDM DJ and producer Hardwell, announced today that he would be taking an indefinite leave from live performances and touring.

Deadmau5’s animosity toward mainstream EDM DJs is no secret as he had previously clashed with The ChainsmokersTiestoMarshmelloDj Snake among others. And while most of Hardwell’s colleagues have taken this positively and in support of mental, physical and emotional health, Joel took the opportunity to troll him on Twitter.

“Oh hi guys, quick note here, just letting you guys know that i’ve stopped what im doing so that i can do what im doing anyway. thanks for your support.” Deadmau5 wrote today on his Twitter profile.

However, Joel has kept the troll going with replies on Twitter, maintaining that the tweet has nothing to do with the Dutch DJ’s announcement and it’s just about himself.