What the heck is “Shoeing” and why are people doing it on the dance floor? [VIDEO]


Apparently, this summer’s new trend in the EDM world has become the “shoeing” phenomenon.

They have been spotted on dance floors through nightclubs around the world. White, black, yellow, green, Nike, Adidas, you name it they have been “shoeing” all summer long. The idea is similar to a lighter in the air to show an act you approve of their performance.

If you think about it nothing shows so much love than taking off your shoes to show it to your favorite DJ. This is not an easy task. I wonder if people will start taking off their boots off during winter months. But the real question is who are you willing to take your shoes off for? Let us know!

Below is a clip from Motor City Drum Ensamble music festivals to prove just how effective, and funny shoeing be.

Nicko Fier
Born in Colombia and raised in sunny Miami, I became exposed to EDM. I have been producing music for the past 10 years of my life as a hobby. I recently embarked on a new adventure and moved to Brooklyn, NY where I continue to expand my music experience and knowledge. Catch me either making music or running around the city. Techno is my favorite type of EDM but can also mingle with down tempo.